Thursday, December 25, 2014

Virgin Mobile - New smartphone plans including $20 WiFi only plan

For years, my husband has kept his little clamshell flip phone from Virgin Mobile, even though most of our peers, including myself, had moved onto smartphones long ago.  Why?  Simple math.  He rarely used his phone for calling, and our old grandfathered Virgin Mobile plan was a straight 20 cents per minute, with only a minimum top up of $20 every 3 months.  So we were only paying ~$80 PER YEAR for his phone (plus tax), not $80 per month like some smartphone plans.

A few weeks ago, he declared he had finally given up and wanted to upgrade as his Christmas present.  The good news?  I had happened to be looking at Virgin Mobile's site that day, and they had revised their smartphone plans.  There was a new $20 per month "WiFi only" plan.  300 minutes of voice and unlimited texting, but no data plan at all.  95% of the time, my husband is at work (high school with WiFi) or home (also with WiFi).  With the growing number of businesses offering complementary WiFi, it's rare that he'd be wishing he had a data plan.  (Of course, he's not an internet addict like me.)  But this new plan made the decision a no brainer for us.

We'll keep you posted on how the new phone/plan go, but in case anyone else wants to check Virgin's new plans, click here.  If you join now, we BOTH get a $25 account credit!

And if you're wondering what phone we got him:

Merry Christmas Daddy!

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