Friday, September 4, 2015

Hillsborough Favorites - Nominations

The more common threads on the local chat groups people looking for recommendations for doctors, restaurants, and other types of business in the greater Hillsborough area (neighboring areas OK, but just keep Hillsborough centric in mind).  The database programmer/analyst has always found it painfully inefficient that folks have to keep asking this stuff over and over. So I thought it would be easier if there was one central place to look up information.

I have created a folder on my Google drive that contains multiple workbooks based on business type.  I will expand the number of files over time, but for the time being, here are the links to the files - Just click the link to add your favorites:

Google Doc Sheets work similar to Excel workbooks, except that, stored up in "the cloud", we can all edit at the same time!  If a cell is being edited by someone else, it will be highlighted and not accessible to you.  Once you leave a cell, your entry is saved to the cloud.  No save button required.

If you are tech savvy enough and want to copy tabs to add more categories, feel free!  This is a collaboration.

You will need to enter data from a PC or download the Google Sheets app to your phone/tablet (Download Android  or iOS here).  You can only read the files on your phone without downloading the app.  Working with it on a PC is easiest if you want to enter data.

I have put in some examples in the Sheets for everyone to get the idea of what I had in mind.


I do not have time to transfer everyone's thoughts myself, nor do I have time to merge multiple rows.  In the positive / critical comments columns, the idea is to group everyone's thoughts in one box, not one row per person.  So just add your thoughts to what is already in the cell.  Do not delete other people's comments.  

I do reserve the right to edit the comments for space and/or inappropriate language - no cursing and keep criticism constructive please even if you really hate the business).

Once there are a good number of entries, I'm planning on setting up some SurveyMonkey surveys so we can then vote on the different categories.  So these spreadsheets are not just a resource reference, they are also nominees for later favorites voting :-)

Have fun!

If you have ideas for other categories, please add them to the comments below.


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