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While I would love to blog for the pure joy of sharing what I know, the reality is that I can certainly use any financial break I can get these days.  While many of my deals are just shared for the sake of sharing, I do get "kickbacks" from some.    The sites below, that I may reference in posts, have referral programs.  So when you join through my link, I may get something in return, depending on the site.  Please know that the sites I've listed below and within any blog posts are sites I would suggest to my friends even if I didn't get a kickback, so please be assured that I wouldn't refer you just anywhere!

Moving forward, I will be identifying any posts that contain referral links, just as I would identify any post where I received something in return for the post (free product for review, free pass, etc.).

Also, any photos that appear for any of the "deal" websites are coming from the deal sites themselves.

PR Note:  The sites below, with a few exceptions, are sites that allow you to access deals at stores you find in town, whether it's group-buying deals like Living Social and Groupon, or point/cash rebate sites for shopping at click-and-mortar store sites like, etc.  I am open to PR opportunities that promote businesses in my area, but, sorry, please don't contact me about your national / international site unless it's doing something to DIRECTLY impact local NJ businesses (e.g. group buying for local store vouchers or other coupons that can be used locally).


Cash/Point for purchase programs (online shopping portals):

Using the Swagbucks search toolbar embedded in your browser, you can earn points that can be redeemed for gift cards.  I earned about $30 in Amazon GC's in 2010 using this toolbar, but admittedly haven't been actively using it lately.

      I have actively used MyPoints for over a decade at this point I think.  I mainly print my coupons there, rather than through blogger sites, so that *I* get the credit!  Click here to check out MyPoints.

There are lots of shopping portals, but I happen to like that Ebates gives you your cash without there being a minimum, last I checked. Click here to check out Ebates.

Phone Apps:

Ibotta is one of the new style phone apps where you identify items you are planning on buying BEFORE you go shopping.  When you get back, snap a photo of your receipt using your phone to get the specified credits.  Payouts go to Paypal.

Snap by Groupon is a phone app similar to Ibotta, but you DON'T have to tag possible purchases before you buy them.  You just have to have the photos of the receipt.  Snap pays by check.

No referral credit for Checkout 51, but it's another phone app similar to Snap where you can submit photos of your receipts for credit.

Daily deals and other sites:

Amazon Associates provides me with great tools to pass along anything I see interesting on Amazon.  
Sue Mayer (Sue the Bargain Hunter) is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to

Use Dealflicks to save on movie tickets/concessions at select local independent theaters (e.g., Hillsborough Cinemas and Montgomery Cinemas participate).  It even works for opening day of the movie!  Use my code RFYYEBGHDW to score yourself 20% off your first purchase, and I get a $5 referral credit.

Virgin Mobile was my phone provider for years, and continues to be my husband's.  Their new $20 per month smartphone plan, in my opinion, is an awesome thing for someone who doesn't need the data plan.  We do get a kickback if folks purchase through us though. 

One of the first of the "daily deals" sites, Groupon Central New Jersey shares deals local to our area.

Living Social's referral plan is not based on referring new members, but on a deal by deal basis.  In most cases, if I get three friends to buy the deal, I get it for free.  Local sites are Morris/Somerset County, Middlesex/Mercer, Philadelphia (including family edition), various NYC, Hoboken/Jersey City, and South Jersey.

Seize the Deal - New Jersey has local deals for our area.  I get a $10 credit for all new members I refer after their first purchase.  While originally covering a broader area, the majority of deals seem to be closer to Ocean County.

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