Who's Sue?

Who is Sue the Bargain Hunter you ask?

Sue was taught to use coupons by her mom at an early age, bribed with a percentage of mom's savings if she cut the coupons and helped shop for the family of five.  She learned to grab when it's on sale and you've got a coupon, or even better with a rebate too.

After years of working hard in pharmaceutical IT consulting, she opted for the life of a stay at home mom in Hillsborough, NJ.  Hubby's a high school teacher, not a high paid executive, so the choice to stay home came with the requirement to keep the money belt pretty tight.

Her sister introduced her to the hobby of online contests/sweepstakes, and then Sue discovered blog contests -- smaller entry counts meant better odds.  So she began to read the "mommy bloggers" looking for cool contests, but started to realize she might have something to say herself.  Around the same time, she won a blog makeover - a professionally setup Blogger blog (Thank you Angie!).  So Sue the Bargain Hunter was born!

While she briefly considered the possibility of a "professional" blogger life, she prefers to keep things at SBH casual and "hobby".  Posts come when she has time and the deals look good rather than on any formal schedule.  She sees no need to reinvent the wheel when others like Living Rich with Coupons and Generous Savings have the supermarket weekly coupon matchups covered.  So no coupon matchups here!  Her preferred niche is to keep things truly local to the Somerset County-metro area, so there are no plans to turn this into a big national blog or product review blog.

Want to reach Sue?  Email her at sue.bargains@gmail.com.


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